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Standard Dry Freight


Lyncoach has a rich history in designing and building dry freight box vans. Our design is simple yet durable. Each Lyncoach Truck Body can be designed to satisfy your specific need!


We offer a variety of different interior and exterior options. From dome lights to toolboxes, we can add most any feature to your truck body. Our sales team will be glad to assist you throughout the design process.

Check out some of our videos! 

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All Lyncoach truck bodies are built to last. We have specialized in dry freight box vans since the mid 1900's. Our dry freight vans are constructed with aluminum sheet and post exterior walls. Extruded aluminum Z posts are placed every 12 inches, and exterior rivets are set every 2 inches. This creates an extremely durable product built to withstand years wear and tear. 

Std Features
Standard Body_edited.jpg

Standard Features

  • Radius Front 

  • Seamless Roof Skin 

  • Anti-Sag Roof Bows 

  • LED- Clearance Lights  

  • Lyncoach Plug & Play Wiring Harness 

  • LED Dome Light 

  • Pre Painted White Alum. Sides

  • Rivets On 2'' Centers

  • Extruded Aluminum Z-Post On 16'' Centers

  • 1 1/8'' Hardwood Floor (Undercoated)

  • 3'' I-Beam Crossmembers On 12'' Centers (Hot Dipped For Corrosion Protection)

  • 4" I-Beam Longitudinals Reinforced Above Rear Wheels With 3/16" Steel

  • Stainless Steel Rear-End (Designed With Flush Entry)

  • Grab Handles On Rear

  • Composite Roll-Up Rear Door

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  • Drop Step Bumper

  • Full Width ICC Bumper

  • E-track Cargo Control

  • D-ring Cargo Control

  • Composite Interior Lining

  • 1 3/8 Flooring

  • Extruded Aluminum Floor

  • Full Open Rear Doors

  • Road or Cargo Side Swing Door

  • Receiver Hitch

  • Work Lights

  • Back Up Camera

  • Liftgates

  • Etc.

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