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Our Story

Real Truck Bodies

Since 1916

The genesis of Lyncoach Truck Bodies was started by Mr. Holman Harry Linn in the early 1900’s. Mr. Linn was the founder of the Linn Manufacturing Company in Morris, New York. Initially the company specialized in building tractors for road work, logging, and snow removal. Many of these tractors were purchased by cities and logging companies. Some Linn Tractors were even built for the US government to be used by the armed forces. In 1929 Mr. Linn formed a new corporation to manufacture automobile and commercial vehicle trailers in Oneonta, New York. The names and ownership of the company would change over the years. In 1954, The "Linn Truck and Coach Company" was gone. James M. Friery and Frank E. Humphries (previous employees of Linn Coach) saw an opportunity and vowed to keep the company going. They were not able to gain ownership of the "Linn" name, therefore a similar one was substituted on the contracts, and thus "Lyncoach" was born.

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Our Timeline

·         Linn Manufacturing Company (1916-1928)

·         Linn Trailer Corp. (1929-1941)

·         Oneonta Linn Corp. (1941-1945)

·         Linn Coach & Truck Corp. (1945-1946)

·         Linn Coach & Truck division of Great American Industries, Inc. (1946-1954)

·          Lyncoach & Truck Corp. (1954-1972)

·         Lyncoach & Truck Co. of Alabama (1960-present)

 Lyncoach has an extremely rich history. Our company built a multitude of vehicles for the US Military during WWII and the Korean War, including bomb trailers, dental vans, mobile health clinics, and mobile X-ray units. Over the decades Lyncoach has constructed buses, compact vans, fire trucks, police vehicles, mobile doctor’s offices, cargo vans, aluminum air vans, and other special purpose units. We are very proud of our history, and we continue striving to maintain a high-quality product.

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Our facility in Troy, Alabama, continues operations and we are looking forward to many more years of growth and expansion. Today we specialize in building dry freight vans, landscape truck bodies, and flatbeds for class 3—8 vehicles.


Linn Tractor Gallery

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